I Make Cold Processed Soap, Therefore I’m….Clean

Over a year ago I learned how to make cold processed soap at a local state park. Since then, I’ve made oodles of batches and have given the soap as gifts and sold a few bars here and there. My home office is where I store my lovely scented creations. I’ve got to admit, my house smells great. Even the upstairs smells of my soapy goodness. Hardly a use for candles or wax melts anymore. The soap smells that good! And I smell good! 😜

It’s a tedious, but fun process. The results can be amazing or in some cases, real stinkers. So without further ado, let me share some of my lessons I’ve learned this past year.

What I’ve Learned from Soaping

Lesson #1- Always use a lye calculator! I’m normally a “fly by the seat of my pants” kinda gal, but a lye calculator is your friend!

Lesson #2- Lining a mold can seem like an awful task, but the key thing here is, line it properly. You do not want any leakage.

Lesson #3- There is such a thing as beginners luck. Trust me I know from first hand experience. The first few batches I made went without any hiccups. Then, here it comes, the following batches are disastrous. Throwing it out the door disastrous.

Lesson #4- Although anxious to “pop” out your cutesy, heart shaped soap from your cutesy, heart shaped silicone mold before it has completely set, is a NO NO! The soap will have cracks here and there. Breaks my heart, literally, or perhaps figuratively speaking from a silicone mold stance!

Lesson #5- Very important to use caution and safety equipment! Lye can burn your skin and nearly put an eye out!

Lesson #6- DANG! THAT’S HOT! Overheating can cause an eruption. Think volcanic eruptions, you know-Mount Vesuvius, perhaps Pompeii? Or maybe earthquake looking soap. New Madrid fault line? New Madrid earthquakes from 1811-1812? Temperatures over 160 degrees and above are HOT upon touching. OUCH! And they CRACK! ERUPT! And I cry!

So, there you have it. Six lessons of possibly many, I’ve learned from soaping. Now, go tell your friends. Or just sit there laughing at the above. It’s ok. I survived. I’m laughing, too. But before, no. Yes, now I’m laughing.

Blessings to you and yours!


Verse of the Day
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1 John 4:11-12 ESV