Happy Birthday!

On Tuesday, June 29th, 1999, at 4:03 pm, our daughter Morgan was born via emergency c-section. She weighed 8 lbs. 11 oz. and measured 21 1/2 inches long.  Nearly a month early, you couldn’t tell by those measurements.  We were so thankful to God she had no health issues at all. 

Every year on her birthday, we regale her with the story about the day she was born. Tommy has to fill in a lot of blanks for me due to my being partially sedated that afternoon. Ha! Ha!

Sixteen years have passed. Sixteen!  Oh, my goodness!  I cannot believe she’s sixteen!  Where has the time gone?  She’s had a learners permit for over a year now and today she will have her drivers license. She’s been ready for this day for quite sometime now. Her daddy and I have not been so ready. With another year under her belt,  comes new adventures and responsibilities. For her daddy and me, comes the part of letting her go and having some of those adventures, within reason, of course. 

Here’s to another year, dear daughter!  One of many great times and adventures!  Your daddy and I love you more than you know!

Blessings to y’all,


Numbers 6:24-26

The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:

The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:

The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace. 

Of Cold Weather, Colds and Yummy Recipes

Day two of sleet and snow covered ground and roads and Morgan’s sniffles are still looming large. To open up her sinuses, she asked for something spicy last night for dinner. I had made The Pioneer Woman’s Veggie Chili Sunday night and had plenty of it left over.

However, she wanted more than the chili, so the hubs suggested chili-cheese hot dogs. I do believe the Pioneer Woman herself would approve this! It was delicious! Of course, we need a little sweet to go after our spice and this frappuccino recipe fit the bill.

Unfortunately we are under yet another winter weather advisory this evening until the wee hours of tomorrow morning. I’m hoping Morgan is feeling much better tomorrow and I hope I don’t get it! She’s the second one to succumb to the cold. Tommy was the first, and he has had sinus crud going on for over a week now.

I won’t get sick. I can’t get sick. This wife and mom doesn’t take sick days for fear of what the house will look like while in bed. 😝

Blessing to y’all!


Ps. I had ate quite a bit of the chili before snapped the picture below! And totally forgot to take pictures of the veggie chili-cheese dogs last night. Forgive me, please.


Yeah, but…and Other Commonly Used Phrases

“Yeah, but” is a common phrase our daughter uses when asked to complete a chore, or anything else! It’s her “go to” phrase in her now teens.
Me, “Could you take your laundry upstairs?”
Morgan, “Yeah, but I was on my way outside to shoot my bow. I’ll do it when I come back in.”
Her dad, “I need you to help me stack wood.”
Morgan responding to dad, “Yeah, but…I was going back in to help mom with laundry.”
Oh, how the “yeah, but” phrase never ends! There’s endless possibilities! Her daddy has even turned the tables on her with it. He has “yeah butted” her on several occasions.
Then it gets real. Gasp! Teenaged girl real. The running to momma to tattle on daddy teenaged girl real. Thankfully, it always ends in laughs. My husband is a big kid himself and tries to turn a dramatic episode into a stand up comedy routine. We. Are. Weird. Yes. We really are! 😜
Out of all Morgan’s phrases, I miss the “actually” phrase stage the most. She was about five and discovered the word. Oh my goodness, she would use it for anything. All of her conversations would begin with “actually.” Yes. ALL of them started with this word! She would even begin questions with it! Morgan once asked me the following question, “Actually, momma, what’s for dinner?”
Good times and phrases over the years still make me chuckle and grin.
Actually, what is your child or teen’s go to phrase? Do you have a “yeah, but….” kid in your home? 😉

Have an actually, awesome, yeah, but kind of day!


Vicariously Vacationing with the Daughter

Our daughter Morgan made it back home from her vacation to Florida with my parents last Tuesday evening. The pictures she shared were beautiful and her stories thrilling.

On their way down to Florida, they had an overnight stay in Mobile, Alabama. While in the area, they visited Bellingrath Gardens. The pictures were breathtaking. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed to be taken inside the home, but you can see some on their website. http://bellingrath.org/

While in Florida, they went Fort Walton and Destin. In Fort Walton they went to Gulfarium. http://mobile.gulfarium.com/ More breathtaking pictures here as well.

I’m so happy my daughter has a great relationship with my parents. I do love when they take her on road trips and vacations. They usually stop at great places that are both beautiful as well as educational. But most importantly, they are making memories together to treasure always.

Below are few pictures from Florida. Enjoy.






Staycation is Coming to an End

The daughter will be coming home from her vacation this evening. The house has been clean for days now, laundry has been caught up and no school for nearly a week.

It’s great having a clean house and laundry caught up. But, it’s been awfully quiet around here. Even George knows something’s amiss.

Morgan has FaceTimed us and George heard her voice each time. He ran into whatever room we where in to look for her. He barked and whined when he didn’t see her. We turned the phone toward him and sniffed it. Yep, he is missing her, too.

I think it’s great she’s got a great relationship with my parents. She’s an only child, just like me, and an only grandchild. She’s top billing with my parents now. My days have been long gone since she was born over 15 years ago. She’s been on some great trips with them. My parents simply adore her. I hope Morgan understand how important these trips are to my parents and she that treasures every moment with them. She’s a lucky young lady.
May you and yours have a blessed day.


Morgan at Gulfarium


No Rest for the Mom

Well, the hubs made it home safely this past Sunday from his trip and now the daughter has gone on a vacation with my parents. I guess I’m on a mini staycation while she’s gone. No school work means no papers to grade. Yay or nay? Nay…the hubs and I will be home. I’ll be doing laundry, cooking and cleaning. Sigh.
It’s only Thursday, but it’s been a hectic week. Hubs came home from his trip with a toothache. Toothache turned into a much needed root canal. Yikes! I took the daughter to my parents to get ready for their trip yesterday. Earlier in the week, she needed several last minute things from Walmart for her trip. Sigh. Again. Going to Walmart is not my cup of tea. It seems I’m always overdressed for that place. Apparently going there in your pajamas is deemed vogue and by wearing a blouse and jeans I was definitely out of place. Long sigh, while shaking my head.
I’m really going to miss that daughter of ours for the next week I really love my family and my life. I feel blessed to be able to stay at home with my daughter and homeschool her. And yes, I do get overwhelmed at times, that’s just a part of it. With lots of prayer and tons of laughs, I move on.
Well, I’ve got to get my day started. French toast croissants and sausage for breakfast, followed by laundry, house cleaning, and hopefully, I can get some crocheting in today! No rest for this mom today (or any other day).

Have a blessed day!


Ps. Please keep my parents and daughter in your prayers while they travel! Thanks!

Weekend of Great Friends and Food

I love my friends from high school. I love getting together with them. Unfortunately, our visits are few and far between. Three of the girls live in the same city, whereas I, live about 25 miles away. Ok, I know that’s not very far, but when all four of us have families and kids with crazy schedules, it seems like a million light years far way.

Well, this past Saturday night, we all finally got together with our families and shared yummy finger foods, and tons of laughs! It was a much needed time for all. The cold winter has given us all a bit of cabin fever and what better way to unwind? Great friends and great food!

Do you still get together with your high school and or child hood friends?

Ps. I’m planning a dinner party soon for the girls and myself. I can’t wait!