Impending Winter Storm Gloom and Doom

As I mentioned late last night, we were under a winter weather advisory here in Northeast Arkansas.  It sleeted more than it snowed.  Believe it or not, it was 65 degrees Saturday while we were delivering flowers. Crazy weather here-warm one day, freezing the next. I think we made it to a whopping 25 degrees today.

Unfortunately, Morgan is coming down with a cold and could not go out to shoot her bow.  So, what does dear ol’ dad do for his die-hard archer girl?  Bring her target inside and set it up in his man cave!  She opened up the door to the man cave and shot her bow in the living room.  How redneck are we?


I did go outside for a few snapshots while the snow was falling. Brr! It was cold out today!

2015 Feb 15 Snow 025 2015 Feb 15 Snow 032 2015 Feb 15 Snow 002
I personally think the pines are simply gorgeous with snow. My magnolia looks lovely, too, but lonely. Probably because it’s the only one I’ve got! 😜 My quaint, yellow “Addams Family” bench looks really blah. I know, I need to repaint it. That will be a spring project, and frankly, I’m still mulling over what color I want to paint it this year. It’s been dark green and now yellow. I’m thinking a baby blue might be the color, or a bold and bright cherry red! Yes, I repaint some, not all of my lawn furniture and decor every year. I’m crazy like that!
Well, here’s to staying warm and praying for spring to make its debut soon. Very. Soon.

Blessings to y’all!


Yeah, but…and Other Commonly Used Phrases

“Yeah, but” is a common phrase our daughter uses when asked to complete a chore, or anything else! It’s her “go to” phrase in her now teens.
Me, “Could you take your laundry upstairs?”
Morgan, “Yeah, but I was on my way outside to shoot my bow. I’ll do it when I come back in.”
Her dad, “I need you to help me stack wood.”
Morgan responding to dad, “Yeah, but…I was going back in to help mom with laundry.”
Oh, how the “yeah, but” phrase never ends! There’s endless possibilities! Her daddy has even turned the tables on her with it. He has “yeah butted” her on several occasions.
Then it gets real. Gasp! Teenaged girl real. The running to momma to tattle on daddy teenaged girl real. Thankfully, it always ends in laughs. My husband is a big kid himself and tries to turn a dramatic episode into a stand up comedy routine. We. Are. Weird. Yes. We really are! 😜
Out of all Morgan’s phrases, I miss the “actually” phrase stage the most. She was about five and discovered the word. Oh my goodness, she would use it for anything. All of her conversations would begin with “actually.” Yes. ALL of them started with this word! She would even begin questions with it! Morgan once asked me the following question, “Actually, momma, what’s for dinner?”
Good times and phrases over the years still make me chuckle and grin.
Actually, what is your child or teen’s go to phrase? Do you have a “yeah, but….” kid in your home? 😉

Have an actually, awesome, yeah, but kind of day!


Vicariously Vacationing with the Daughter

Our daughter Morgan made it back home from her vacation to Florida with my parents last Tuesday evening. The pictures she shared were beautiful and her stories thrilling.

On their way down to Florida, they had an overnight stay in Mobile, Alabama. While in the area, they visited Bellingrath Gardens. The pictures were breathtaking. Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed to be taken inside the home, but you can see some on their website.

While in Florida, they went Fort Walton and Destin. In Fort Walton they went to Gulfarium. More breathtaking pictures here as well.

I’m so happy my daughter has a great relationship with my parents. I do love when they take her on road trips and vacations. They usually stop at great places that are both beautiful as well as educational. But most importantly, they are making memories together to treasure always.

Below are few pictures from Florida. Enjoy.






Warm Bundles on a Cold Winter Night

Well, another homeschooling week has came to a close. Let the weekend begin! Our Friday night has consisted of tacos, warm bundles, and three riveting rounds of Clue.  Yep, another game night at Grover’s Manse.  And yes, another night of Clue!
What are warm bundles, you ask?  Just a quick little snack my husband and daughter love.  Great for your budding chefs in your homeschool, too! Our daughter is the self titled “lunch lady” in our homeschool, and we discovered this little gem of a recipe in one of our cookbooks one day during home economics. It’s been a huge hit around here. What quick and easy snacks do you and your crew enjoy? Share away!

Here is the recipe:

Warm Bundles


1 package of crescent rolls

1 Hershey bar

Preheat oven to 350.  Unroll crescents onto an ungreased cookie sheet and place 2 pieces of Hershey’s bar in each and roll up.  
Pop into oven for 10-15 minutes.  
Remove from oven, let them cool a bit, and pop into mouth!  Enjoy!  Also, if you do not have a candy bar to use, you could use a tablespoon of your favorite jelly or jam in each roll.

Blessings to you and yours!



Long Cold Winters and Family Game Nights

Another cold day here at Grover’s Manse, brrr! What are we to do? Why, a family game night, of course!

Oh, the joys of cabin fever! We are so used to being outside most of the year, either working our family business, yard work, gardening and hunting. The hunting would be the hubs and daughter. The family business is seasonal. It usually runs mid February to the first of October, depending on the weather.

The teenager and I did get out today to have a mother-daughter lunch at a coffee bistro, and a visit with my parents. My husband got out, too, to shoot some pool with some buddies, even though he has his own pool table, but hey, all three of us wanted to get out!

Finally, at the end of our outings, we met up back home for dinner and a family game night. We played six rounds of Clue. Quite frankly, I stink at it, but of course that’s not the point. We had a great time sitting around the dining room table laughing and guessing who did it, with what and where. And no, the butler didn’t do it!
What games do you and your family like to play?

Here’s to a wonderful and blessed day!


Who did it? With what? Where?


“Don’t embarrass me, mom!”