Fantabulous Friday

It’s Friday and while the hubs is away, we girls shall play!
Morgan and I had lunch in the town of Pocahontas at a new eatery called Bluebird Coffee House.
It’s an old house converted into a quaint coffee house. The owner has done such a wonderful job keeping the rooms and decor to the period in which it was built. Awesome eats and the salted caramel hot chocolate was out of this world! It about knocked my socks off! Really! That good!

Morgan enjoying her hot chocolate below.


This evening we had homemade mocha chip frappes and watched the 2007 Nancy Drew movie.


George is sad though. The hubs will be gone all weekend. Poor dog has been mopey and has searched the house for daddy. Shhh! Don’t say the “d” word in front of George. The search will start all over again! Especially if the hubs calls. Believe it or not, George knows Tommy’s ringtone on my phone. Sigh. Looks like this will be a long weekend.

George pictured below after his extensive search for the hubs.


All in all, it’s been a blast hanging with my teeny bopper. Yep. Teeny bopper. I’ll be hearing sighs from her soon. According to my daughter, “teeny bopper” is an outdated phrase. Lol.

What do you do with your “teeny boppers” for fun? 😊

Blessings to all,

JoAnn, the momma bear
Morgan, the Teeny Bopper
George, the mopey chocolate lab


Another Day, a Lonesome George and a Sleep-Deprived Mom

Day two of the hubs being out of town. Our dog, George has been restless during the night, and sleeps most of the day. I’m not sure if he’s thinking I’ve got the day shift to be on red alert and he’s got the night shift. Apparently, the daughter and I cannot replace daddy being gone. We’ve paid plenty of attention to him and have not used the “d” word (daddy) around him. We even took him for a ride this evening. He usually jumps in the back of my truck, but when we let the tailgate down, he whined and went to the back door of the truck. He usually likes to ride in the back of my truck, so he can stand up on the sides and bark at everyone and everything. He wags his tail the entire time, too. It’s his way of greeting everyone. 😂 He didn’t think he could jump up in the back this evening when we told him to “load up.” I’m thinking his arthritis was acting up.
I hate to admit he’s getting old. He used to be able to clear a tailgate in his younger days. Of course, that has always depended on the height of the truck, and I’ve got a tall one now. He’s like most senior citizen dogs his age, he’s got good days and bad days.
The daughter thought he’d like his window down, so we rowed the back window down for him so he could see the sights. He wasn’t interested. Not much going on this evening for him, I suppose, either that or he was being a backseat driver, because when I sped up, he barked at me. He’s such a character. When we got home, he did a full house search, looking for the hubs. When he couldn’t find him, he plopped onto his bed and let out one of his long drawn out sighs. Bless his heart.
George’s late night rendezvous entail checking all quadrants of the house, from top to bottom. I’m going to have to squeeze in some naps during the day to catch up on my sleep.
On a happier note, after homeschool work is done, we’ve been watching some great flicks, enjoying yummy food and lots of laughs. Here’s to hopefully a good night’s rest!

Have an awesome and blessed Friday!


Ps. I honestly think dogs are pretty doggone smart. George thinks he’s a genius. 😜

George enjoying a Sonic Drive-In trip