Lazy Sunday of Crocheting and Doctor Who

As I sit here on this Sunday afternoon, I’ve accomplished my household chores and since have been parked on the couch watching Doctor Who and crocheting. Yep, I’m still in season 1. Yep, still loving it. I wish I had my own TARDIS. But I digress.

I’ve been working on a crochet project for a friend for quite sometime now. It’s called a Mollie Flower Blanket

I’ve started it over several times. I’m just not liking how it is turning out. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a gorgeous blanket, but mine isn’t gorgeous. It’s a mess! I honestly think I’d have better luck crocheting my own TARDIS!

According to the pattern, you crochet these flowers individually then hand sew them together. Ugh. Hand sew. Just not my cup o’ tea. Again, please don’t get me wrong, I do hand sew on some of my projects. Ear flaps, eyes, snouts, etc. for hats and such. Those are just small projects next to this behemoth of one. I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed on this one. Maybe it’s the “mountain out of a mole hill syndrome” I’m known for in these parts. Maybe, just maybe, this project wasn’t meant for me to do. However, I’m pressing on with it. Wish me luck and prayers are appreciated!

Below is the mess I’ve created thus far.


Blessings to all!


Homeschool Co-op Returns

Last night I went to our homeschool group’s co-op orientation meeting. Co-op starts back next Monday. We’ve got our schedules and are raring to go!

I teach crochet and I have a few new students and several return ones. I enjoy teaching crochet to the kids. Actually, girls. 😊 I’ve always have had girls sign up for my classes, and that’s ok. The girls love learning crochet and “girl talk.”

The first day of class, we will decide what charity we’d like to crochet for and donate to. In the past we’ve made chemo hats for Hope Circle and baby blankets for the Pregnancy Resource Center in our area. The girls get to learn something fun and useful. While donating, they get to see how their new craft can help so many.

I truly enjoy my classes. In addition to their donations, some of the girls have made gifts for their family and friends. Here are a few pictures of some of our past projects. Crocheting rocks! Pick up some yarn and a crochet hook and then you’ll be hooked! 😉

Have a blessed day!